Colds Remedy

It is so annoying when colds suddenly hit you without warning. Like earlier today you feel fine then before the day is over you began sniffling. ARrrg! I hate it. I instantly know that I caught the colds virus and  there is nothing I can do about it now and just prepare my system until […]

My Dream Designer Bags

Dreams can come true…. I’m hoping they do. Well, I’m putting here my dream bags. I’m not sure if I will ever have them, even just one of these gorgeous bags. But I want to put it a list, here. Who knows one day a great fortune (from my fairy godmother *wink*) falls on my […]

Finding that Perfect Bag

Just like most women, I like bags.  It is a necessity, to hold all our essentials when going out. It should have been really simple, buy a bag and that’s it. The only consideration should be the size and color, maybe. BUT,   designer bags make it so difficult to choose and decide which one is […]

Bullet Head

I always thought of dogs as loyal and affectionate like they could do no harm to me or any person.   No matter how big and scary some dogs look they can be so gentle and protective of their humans or owners and that is why this film is so disturbing for me. The film I recently watched […]