Shut Up and Dance

I just realized I have forgotten about this blog. I don’t know I was busy worrying about my problems. I can’t really think of anything to put here.

But then today (actually it started a couple of days ago), I started feeling okay again. I’m worrying and getting stressed for too long, I think I’ve had enough of it.

Que Sera..sera!  Whatever will be, will be.

Anyway my problem should not have been a problem in the first place if I paid enough attention to what’s going on. But what’s done (or not done) is done.

To take my mind off of my worries, I like to binge-watch shows on TV..and thank goodness for Netflix, I get loads of TVshows and movies to watch to help me forget my problems temporarily.

My recent favorite show is Black Mirror. It’s a sci-fi thriller set in the near future kind of like Twilight Zone.  I’m sure you’ve heard of it from your kids too, I did from my daughter 🙂

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And after watching the first episode with my husband, I got hooked.

I’m almost done with the all the episodes of all 4 seasons. Btw, I watched the episodes randomly. 🙂

I  just recently finished watching Shut up and Dance. I thought it’s like a Step-Up movie or a Flash Dance or Foot Loose kind. 😀  But no dancing here.  Like all Black Mirror episodes, this deals with our technology-immersed way of living and how it affects our lives according to how we use it.

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The main character,  Kenny a young man who works in a family restaurant, is a sort of insecure, shy and quiet type. He’s nice and keeps to himself.

Anyway, I will not tell the whole story and ruin your viewing pleasure.

But I will tell you that it’s about good-old fashioned black mail story without the message made out of cut-out letters  and with a twist .

It’s unsettling in a way that this could happen to anyone for real. A lot people forget that just because they’re alone or (they think) no one is watching, it doesn’t make any wrong act, right.

The moral is do not do anything that will bring you shame.  As children we were always reminded that God is watching us. If we want our lives to be uncomplicated and less stressful we it wouldn’t hurt to keep this reminder with us always.

What would you do in his situation? If you haven’t seen it yet, please do. It’ll be worth your time.


The moral of the story for me is..

Do not jerk-off in front of your laptop camera. LOL

Seriously, keep your conscience clean by having clean thoughts and try your hardest to resist doing something that is not right and thinking bad thoughts. It’s difficult but we have to try for a better quality of life.







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