Tips on DIY Wallpapering

A wall in my bedroom was bothering me when I looked at it because it has cracks and nail holes. I do not have any carpentry skills or painting skills to fix it. My solution: cover it with wallpaper. I do not have any experience on hanging a wallpaper at all.  But I feel confident that I could do it. It’s basically applying paste to a paper and sticking it, right? 🙂

It works. My wall looks a lot better now. My wallpapering is not perfect but it served it’s purpose. I now have a smile  and a smug look on my face whenever I look at that wall. I did it myself. I saved some money and time by not hiring anyone to do it for me. Hurray!

I can now be officially called… a handymom. #hashtagthat. #handymom :DD

If only I have an Instagram account. Maybe I’ll make one, next time.

(photo of my project to follow)

This is exactly my wallpaper pattern. 🙂 Photo credit –

I will share a photo of my project here once it’s completely done.

I have some personal tips for you  after all, I have actually done it and these might help you even just a little.

1. Select your wallpaper design carefully — this is the hardest part for me because there are so many beautiful patterns and designs and textures available out there. But I only need one and it has to suit my taste and decor. *rolleyes* #thestruggleisreal

I eventually chose what is readily available on that day –a blue and gray damask. It’s beautiful. It was not my original choice of color for my wall; I was actually looking for a purple or beige damask but this pattern really drew my attention so I bought it plus I was already being pressured to hurry up! LOL

2. Make sure you buy enough wallpaper for your project. Measure, measure, measure. For me, I actually needed it for my shelves too but one roll is enough to rule them all. HAHAHA!

3. Set aside a time to do it. Make sure that your day is free and undisturbed for a really enjoyable and fun wallpapering. 😀 Well, I find it relaxing and fun even if I end up with so much mess and I felt tired at the end of the day. I actually didn’t finish it in a day because I was constantly disrupted by my little bosses and my big boss aka hubby. Hence, this tip. Make sure you are alone when you do your project.

4. Check all the materials and the tools that you need are on hand (check if you actually own or have it at home) before starting. I was a real amateur and so pathetic. One of the reasons I did not finish was because I have to stop and look for some tools. Classic me.

5. Check the measurement and the pattern of your wallpaper before cutting. I did good on this because I could not afford to make a mistake. I measured and calculated, my wallpaper is really just enough for my project. I will have to wait a week if I need an extra roll because that’s how long it takes to order, that’s why I picked up something that I could bring home that day. In case you missed it..I was so excited to do this and I couldn’t wait even a day.

6. Have fun doing it. And clean up after and appreciate your work. Admire it endlessly because you worked hard for it. LOL.

I have not even taken a photo of my project. Well because like I mentioned above, it’s not done yet and I have lots of clutter. It’s embarrasing. I am actually redecorating our entire room, so there’s mess everywhere because I have not tidy up the room in 2 days now. I’m so pre occupied with decorating ideas; hours of browsing through Pinterest and google searches.


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