House Cleaning Tips

Home managers like me aka housewives or house husbands will benefit from efficient way of keeping our houses and surroundings clean so that we will have more time for ourselves. No one wants to spend their whole day cleaning or tidying up the messes that our love ones left us.

They love us so much they want to keep us occupied so we will not get bored ūüėÄ

But boredom is not my problem..I¬† want more free time so I can play games on my phone and watch Netflix. ūüôā

Here are some cleaning hacks that help me a lot. Try it too if you haven’t heard of these, yet ūüôā

  • Use toothpaste for¬† marker stains on your wood table or any wood surfaces. My son loves to draw and leave marks all over my beautiful dining table ūüôĀ
  • Slow drain? Put 1/2 cup baking soda into the drain, followed by 1/2 cup vinegar.¬†Cover with a wet cloth to contain the science fair-like effects. Wait five minutes and then flush with hot water.
  • Scratchy Towels?¬†¬†Wash the towels in the hottest water possible, and add 1 cup of ammonia and nothing else.
  • Remove mildew from towels and drapes (canvas and heavy fabric) by¬†brushing off¬†the spores, and sun-dry the item for about three hours. Then, pre-soak with a bleach and water solution (check the care tag to be sure its safe), and machine wash.
  • To get greasy stains off of clothes,¬†¬†rub a little¬†dish detergent¬†into the stain and rinse with water. The soap is gentle enough for spot-treating most fabrics ‚ÄĒ even washable wool and silk.
  • For sweat stains,¬†rub full-strength liquid enzyme detergent on the underarm area and let sit 15 minutes. Then separate whites from colors and wash with a full dose of bleach-alternative detergent (for whitening) in the hottest water possible.
  • De-grease kitchen cabinets and open shelves by adding a little¬†dish soap¬†to a spray bottle with warm water to mist away the grime. Then, rinse with a damp cloth and dry.
  • Make your copper pots and pans shine by cleaning it with ketchup ūüôā
  • Nix wood furniture nicks by rubbing it with¬†a walnut¬†(shell removed) to mask the damage.
  • Make your porcelain shiny with vodka. Just moisten a soft, clean cloth with¬†vodka, then apply a little elbow grease.
  • Clean your microwave¬†by heating a cup of water and a chopped-up¬†lemon¬†on high until the microwave’s window is steamy. Let the bowl sit for 15 minutes before you open the door, and clean away any grime with ease.
  • Rub a bit of¬†toothpaste¬†over your bathroom fixtures with a wet sponge to¬†get gunk off chrome.
  • For Carpet Stains -Dissolve one tablespoon of¬†dish liquid¬†into two cups of warm water, and blot the stain with a clean white cloth dipped into the solution. Repeat until the stain absorbs into the cloth and disappears from the carpet. Then sponge with cold water, and blot dry with a clean cloth.
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