Skin Care Routine for Healthy Glowing skin

I’m basically a low-maintenance gal from since my teenage years. I do not have it in me to spend time on taking care of my skin. It’s not right, I know but I was just not interested. I get constant advice from older concerned women in my life (mom, aunts, their friends :D) on how to take care of my skin so I will not get pimples and blackheads and all other nasty things on my face. But did I listen??

I regretted that. I had lots of pimples in high school and they left me marks to remember that they were on my face. I can’t get rid of my pimple scars for good. They are hardly noticeable now but if one looks closely, they can clearly see the rolling scars it left me.

I know I can’t turn back the clock now and wish I took good care of my skin then. But it’s not too late to change.

I am now doing these routines, not religiously though I have my lazy days and sometimes I’m too tired I don’t get too do it at night. It helps that I do not wear make-up just basic bb cream and powder.

In the MORNING —

Wash face with gentle cleanser

Apply Moisturizer


BB cream or light coverage foundation


For the EVENING —


Exfoliant or Toner




On Weekends, I use face mask.

So far so good, no more pimples..only occasionally, one or two would pay me a visit 😀






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