Keto Diet Day 2

Day Two of my low-carb, high fat diet. Unfortunately, I only lasted until after lunch and I’m already craving pastries.  I tried to be strong and resisted the urge to buy dessert or munch on bread. By dinner time, I had a very very painful headache. I couldn’t eat anything, I just want to lie down and take my paracetamol and sleep.


And that’s when I decided that I cannot live like this..without rice or carbs in general.  I can feel my body craving for it. It’s crazy for me to try this anyway.

I think my mistake here is that I readily jumped into a diet just because I see posts on my social media feed that a lot of people have been successful with it and I thought I could also lose a few pounds with it easily!

Boy, was I so wrong! I forgot how I love sweets and bread and pasta and that it would not be easy to go cold-turkey on them.

But I can’t entirely blame myself for thinking that I could do it…because  how delicious do those keto meals look on my feed?? Super! And they all seem so healthy, too. I imagined myself enjoying it and having a lean, strong body. 🙂

The side effect of starting on this diet is getting keto flu, it happens when your body starts to have withdrawal syndrome. It start within a day or two and may lasts up to a month!!

No way I will be able to tolerate it, an hour of having migraine and feeling weak is enough for me to accept the few pounds that I’ve put on over the years.

I’d rather work-out and eat moderately and slowly lose the extra lbs.

I really admire people who are very determined to stay on this diet or any kind of diet..

I guess I didn’t have enough motivation or courage to do this.

For those who are on this diet and seeing result and feel great doing it. Keep it up…you’re on the right track, I guess 🙂


As for me…bye, bye Keto diet 🙁

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