Boy to Man.. Happening Now

Time really is tricky, it moves so slow and so quick too.  I still vividly remember the first time my boy went to school. He looked like a little man then and it melts my heart whenever I remember his face, his reaction to the school and most especially when they got dismissed from class. He looked so tired but happy.

For a long time, he looked like that. Baby-face, small voice, always happy. That is how he is to us until last year, when that sweet boy began morphing into..

an awkward, lanky, much quieter teenage boy right under our noses and we barely noticed it. I happen to wake up one day and there is this teenage boy towering over me (ok I’m not tall anyway,..)

His voice got deeper that I sometimes think it’s my husband talking to me–

Especially when he’s answering back and whenever I catch him lying to us… 😀

He used to be so noisy once he gets in the car after school and he tells all sorts of kwento (short stories) or tsismis (gossips) about his classmates. But now the stories are shorter and I sometimes doesn’t understand him with his low voice so I just nod my head so he won’t  notice it. Haha. Like most kids his age, his head is usually down, staring at his phone checking his class GC (group chat) for Homework (daw) *eyes rolling* that’s what he tells us and wants us to believe and we usually go along even though we know for sure he’s in his IG account. 😀

He doesn’t want to go with me now to the grocery or anywhere really unless necessary.

He’d rather stay home with his phone. :/  He goes out with his friends now though very seldom because I don’t allow him all the time, because he has training and homework to do most of the time. Plus, I’m strict. Duh.

It’s a looong and quite stressful process to say NO  when he wants to go out with his friends..I guess nothing’s change there except he’s not that cute anymore when he makes kulit  (being insistent) to us.. he has a shadow of a mustache now and pimply face and big hands, long arms.. 😀

To be honest, I’m quite scared and unsure how to deal with a growing boy. I still don’t know if I did good with his older sister, btw.

I always worry about them, if they are gonna grow to be good people, sometimes it came to a point that I was always scolding them for little things and I saw the look on my son’s face. He doesn’t understand why….I actually don’t know how to explain myself.

I just worry. I worry if he has friends. True friends. I worry if he is happy…is there someone bullying him or doesn’t like him; does he hang out with the good boys in school? Are his friends treating him right?

I worry about his grades…about his sport..his manners.. his hygiene…about everything, really.

I feel like I’m not doing a good job as a mom when I see his  messy room, when he forgets his manner sometimes, on instances when he fails to use his common sense, when his fingernails and toenails are long and dirty, when  he sometimes come home stinky..

I could go on…and on…

I wonder if it does get to him? My nagging, my long talks with him, my constant reminders.  *sigh* I do hope so.. and pray that my boy will become a good decent man.

Good Luck to us!



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