I am shamelessly watching too much Shameless (US series). I am hooked since episode 1 of Season 1. I instantly liked the Gallaghers from day one.


Okay, I hate Frank in the but then  I begin to wonder as I watched…maybe he’s not that bad, maybe something happened to him that made him that way.


Frank is an alcoholic. Irresponsible, lazy, uncaring father to his children. But I was curious why his kids still cares for him with the way he’s  treating them. How could such a character have kids that are good given their circumtance.

Fiona – the eldest of the brood is the one who practically raised her siblings. I instantly like her. I know there are so many Fionas out there, and I admire them all. It’s not easy being a parent but raising kids who isn’t really your responsibility in the first place is a LOT to handle especially if you are still a child too.  These people are modern-day heroes.

Philip/ Lip – the second eldest and the one who seem to have a promising future, the one who could help them raise their economic status in the future because he is the one with the brains…    if only..*sigh*

Ian – the middle child. I don’t like Ian that much especially when he’s become too self-centered in season 8-9.

Debbie – the sweet and caring Debbie. I like her, she’s cute and stubborn too at times which led her to difficult situations but she’s strong and very determined.

Carl – the mischievous one, the rebel, the Denise the Menace of the family but he’s just misguided. I can’t believe that he’s become my favorite now:) I don’t know why…maybe because I have a boy too and I’m hoping that Carl will have a good future..and he seems to be heading in that direction now

Liam – the cute, the youngest one. Liam doesn’t really matter in the show until season 7. I like Liam too.

There are other characters in Shameless that add something to the show and makes it appealing to me.  There’s this couple, Kevin and Veronica, who helps Fiona and her siblings.

Kev and Veronica are so funny in the beginning but they’re annoying sometimes.

Steve/Jimmy — Fiona’s boyfriend. I like him a LOT and I was disappointed when he disappeared from the Gallagher’s lives. *sigh*

Monica – the mother. I hate her. She’s my least favorite of all. I am a mother and I can’t believe that a mother could be so uncaring and so selfish towards her children. I know this character has bipolar disease which could be the reason why she is how she is in the show.

But I think she is a spoiled brat in the first place, selfish at most and her excuse is her disease. There are other people who has this mental illness but they managed to become loving and responsible parents inspite of what they have.

Monica is a junkie… was a junkie. I have to admit though I was touched by the scene where they had a memorial for Monica, they tried their best to see the good in her.

Okay, I hope I didn’t spoil the show for those who haven’t started with this series yet. What are you waiting for?

Take a peek at the Gallagher’s on Shameless and see if you don’t get hooked too. There’s something about them that will make you come back for more. Okay there are lots of sexy scenes here and that’s what really made me watched it in the first place, hahaha!

But after a season, I don’t care for those sexy scenes anymore ( not that much anyway), I’ve become more interested in what’s going on in the Gallagher’s household. I was seriously rooting for them, hoping that they will overcome their difficult situation and get better lives.

Compared to the UK version. I like the US version a lot better because I watched it first and in my eyes , this is the original one and the UK version doesn’t really appeal to me, except for James McAvoy as Steve but he is not reason enough for me to keep on watching.


The US version has a yummy Steve, too 🙂 Now go and get your Netflix on!

Happy watching:)

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