I am shamelessly watching too much Shameless (US series). I am hooked since episode 1 of Season 1. I instantly liked the Gallaghers from day one.   Okay, I hate Frank in the but then  I begin to wonder as I watched…maybe he’s not that bad, maybe something happened to him that made him that […]

Boy to Man.. Happening Now

Time really is tricky, it moves so slow and so quick too.  I still vividly remember the first time my boy went to school. He looked like a little man then and it melts my heart whenever I remember his face, his reaction to the school and most especially when they got dismissed from class. […]

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum–My Little Helper

Meet my Xiaomi Robot Vacuum. She’s so cute and she never complains ( unlike me). I love watching and following her around on her first few days with us because I want to see if she can really clean efficiently plus I’m still in awe… I don’t have to do all the vacuuming myself on […]

Keto Diet Day 2

Day Two of my low-carb, high fat diet. Unfortunately, I only lasted until after lunch and I’m already craving pastries.  I tried to be strong and resisted the urge to buy dessert or munch on bread. By dinner time, I had a very very painful headache. I couldn’t eat anything, I just want to lie […]

Keto Diet – Day 1

I was so excited to try the Keto (ketogenic) diet because I really wanted to shed off 10 lbs from my current weight. I work out 2-3x a week. I’m finding it more difficult each time because after my work out I have a tendency to eat more. *sigh* Anyways, I did great on my […]