I am shamelessly watching too much Shameless (US series). I am hooked since episode 1 of Season 1. I instantly liked the Gallaghers from day one.   Okay, I hate Frank in the but then  I begin to wonder as I watched…maybe he’s not that bad, maybe something happened to him that made him that […]

Skin Care Routine for Healthy Glowing skin

I’m basically a low-maintenance gal from since my teenage years. I do not have it in me to spend time on taking care of my skin. It’s not right, I know but I was just not interested. I get constant advice from older concerned women in my life (mom, aunts, their friends :D) on how […]

Colds Remedy

It is so annoying when colds suddenly hit you without warning. Like earlier today you feel fine then before the day is over you began sniffling. ARrrg! I hate it. I instantly know that I caught the colds virus and  there is nothing I can do about it now and just prepare my system until […]

My Dream Designer Bags

Dreams can come true…. I’m hoping they do. Well, I’m putting here my dream bags. I’m not sure if I will ever have them, even just one of these gorgeous bags. But I want to put it a list, here. Who knows one day a great fortune (from my fairy godmother *wink*) falls on my […]