Ketogenic :)

I’ve been seeing a lot of keto on my feeds and been hearing about it from people. Keto or Ketogenic diet is a low- (way tooo low in my opinion) carbs, high-fat diet that encourages the body to burn fat as fuel. The state when your body is running on fat because of the absence […]

Skin Care Routine for Healthy Glowing skin

I’m basically a low-maintenance gal from since my teenage years. I do not have it in me to spend time on taking care of my skin. It’s not right, I know but I was just not interested. I get constant advice from older concerned women in my life (mom, aunts, their friends :D) on how […]

House Cleaning Tips

Home managers like me aka housewives or house husbands will benefit from efficient way of keeping our houses and surroundings clean so that we will have more time for ourselves. No one wants to spend their whole day cleaning or tidying up the messes that our love ones left us. They love us so much […]

Tips on DIY Wallpapering

A wall in my bedroom was bothering me when I looked at it because it has cracks and nail holes. I do not have any carpentry skills or painting skills to fix it. My solution: cover it with wallpaper. I do not have any experience on hanging a wallpaper at all.  But I feel confident […]

Shut Up and Dance

I just realized I have forgotten about this blog. I don’t know I was busy worrying about my problems. I can’t really think of anything to put here. But then today (actually it started a couple of days ago), I started feeling okay again. I’m worrying and getting stressed for too long, I think I’ve […]